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Jose Delgado

About The Author

This course is part of the resources to show you how to live your life on your own terms, fulfilling your personal goals and missions through a journey of self-discovery that resonates with your personality.

Jose is on this mission to show and teach people ways to give their life a new sense with resources at their disposal to live a new life they can create for themselves.

This mission has given birth to LuoVita & this book.

He took a radical approach, he started by absorbing all kinds of information for years and when he was sure of his abilities, he decided to make sense of his life and help those who felt the same.

You can never guess what the future has reserved for you, be ecxited about the future and grateful that you have given this opportunity to experience something very unique in this universe, life on planet Earth!

Remember, it is through improving yourself that you can get the most out of your life and never forget to appreciate every moment!

Every day you have is a new chance to write your future!


Benefits for you


Freely Express Yourself

Voice their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Blogging gives you the opportunity to share and connect.


Showcase Your Skils

Are you good into something? Then what are you waiting for. Blogging gives you the chance to tell the world what you got.


Share Knowledge

You can educate others with the same interest as yours. 


Build Network

Neglecting your physical health is also neglecting yourself to be happy and live life to the fullest.



Treasure your own life and value the people around you.



Dream big. and achieve big. Get out of your comfort zone and strive to be someone better.

What’s inside


Chapter 1:

Things you should know about blogging

Blogging is not anymore like a life journal where you share your experience, your thoughts, your opinion and the like but in reality blogging has evolved which requires more skills nowadays such as marketing, SEO, writing, editing, and publishing.

Chapter 2:

Blogging? again?

Decided to go blogging? Then you must also be ready with the responsibilities the come along with it. Blogging is not a one time

Chapter 3:

Blogging as food for the brain

Blogging helps stimulate your ability to think creatively, intelligently and trendy. Reading blogs on the other hand allows you to learn. 

Chapter 4:

Avoid the common traps in blogging

Traps, yes these are considered pitfalls of blogging and every bloggers must know what are these pitfalls. An example is writing nonsense vs those content that can answer questions.

Chapter 5:

Seven ways of making blogging work for you

Blogging has become a great tool that most businesses use to get the attention of more and more customers. There are seven ways how blogging can be of an advantage for you.

Chapter 6:

Blogging is your road to SEO

Making your blog SEO optimized is one of the best ways to attract potential clients hence if you are blogging to do business then it should be SEO optimized.

Chapter 7:

You can Earn Money by Blogging

Blogging has really evolved and now blogging provided opportunity to earn money as you write.

Chapter 8:

How Blogging Can Help Your Business

Growing business has never been so easy but with the help of digital world where blogging has been introduced to easily market products and services has become a phenomena

Chapter 9:

Things to Know About Web Blogs

There are different web blogs that focuses on a particular area of interest. These include arts, home, computers, recreation, science, sports, business, games, internet, reference, shopping, world, comics, health, news, world regions, society etc.

Chapter 10:

Effective Ways to Start Blogging

You know how to write but you are afraid to take another step and move into blogging? Don’t worry there are steps on how you can effectively start your blogging journey as you continue to enjoy your hobby.

Chapter 11:

Understanding Blogging

As you blog, you invest time and your skills. It is not always successful to some but with the right knowledge about what blogging really is, then you already have the leverage.

Chapter 12:

Knowing What Corporate Blogging Is?

A corporate blog is a type of blog that is published with the support of an organization to reach their goals, such as, marketing and selling their products and services.

Chapter 13:

Blogging and Making Money

Making money out of blogging is real. People earn through blogging and they also enjoy some privileges that other business owners are not.

Chapter 14:

Types of Blogging Platforms

There are tools used for blogging which is important to be learned but more than that are the blogging platforms where people can create them.

Chapter 15:

Giving Your Home Based Business a Boost with Blogging

Small businesses or home-based ones need more blogs than any other businesses. Or shall we be more specific by saying that, such type of businesses require more promotions than mainstream businesses.

Chapter 16:

Using Blogging to Have Fun and Profit at the Same Time

Blogging was never late in serving its purpose to people. It has become a profitable avenue for people who wants to write and earn at the same time. Businesses used blogging as marketing tool in pursuing their potential clients.

Chapter 17:

What Not to Do in Blogging

Having your own blog is like driving your own car. You must choose whether, and what type and color of car can attract people. You also must think of a beautiful internal furnishes that are visibly attractive to others.

Chapter 18:

Blogging – The Newest Marketing Tool

Blogging is a sure way to enhance the visibility of the products and services. It incredibly influences how entrepreneurs do business in digital world.

Chapter 19:

Unleash your blogging powers

Ever since blogging started, there is no stopping it from becoming hotter and hotter as the days go by. The fact that online experts have often dismissed them as something not to be adapted, it does not stop the majority of people from becoming bloggers.

Chapter 20:

Breaking the block in blogging

We have listed some ways on how you can overcome those “cannot seem to blog” days.

Are you ready?

Don’t miss the opportunity and start your blogging career!

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