Start your blogging journey from no idea

to  build up a successful online business and creative venture

When I first began my blog, all I really wanted is to share my story. I can reminisce the day and how nervous I was. Publish button scared me to death, thinking too much if people would actually read them. With my eyes closed, and my computer pointer on the publish button, I hit it, TADA!, it’s out there and people can start seeing my story. Ever since then, along with my passion I worked hard to develop, and grow my blog aspiring that one day.

I began a blog since I was searching for an innovative outlet, an extension of myself. An avenue where I share my ideas to the world. Writing makes me happy and my means of calming my thoughts. Blogging granted me that opportunity to meet significant number of inspiring, successful, innovative and motivating people that positively influenced I used to learn about so many things and realized how blogging could actually change my life. But the most rewarding part is when you know that you are bringing positive effect to other people.

Why did I start blogging? It was a simple idea of sharing tips, resources, and inspiration topics that relates to a lot of people, lifestyle attitude and making business online. In addition, I also establish that connection with others and build network. Lastly, an online credibility in which blogging is a good way to start. Now, I am already creating books and online courses to further share my passion.

I will be forever grateful to those that have encouraged me and helped me on this journey.

You don’t have to do this journey alone!

Blogging is now a phenomenon, and people are becoming more curious and interested as they see other people succeeding in this venture. In my community alone, my friends, relatives, workmates and other people in my circle, are asking how they can start doing their own blog so they can also earn online. The common statement you’d hear from them “I have no idea about blogging”. Well, I can’t blame them for that, I was at the exact same position when I thought about blogging success.

Then I came out with another idea and asked myself how I can help people who wish to take the same road online. I thought of coming up with an online tool such as book or mentoring system to teach newbies. Through my research, I realized that there’s nothing found online that has everything in one place, so I decided to build my own blogging course: Blogging Success Course that provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to start blogging journey from no idea to be successful for your own online business and your creative venture.

You are not alone in this journey.

It is my goal to help aspiring bloggers to take steps in building their blog and make it a blogging success.

Blogging Success course is not just a compilation of theories, but a collection of tried and tested methods that aspiring blogger can start using today.

‘I always wanted to start my own something…, blogging allowed me to be part of the Team, express myself and start this, well, in my unique way of doing things and I’m really grateful for this opportunity and excited about what’s coming…!’


With us, you will learn :

This course feature would allow you to discover your innermost ideas considering your passion and your audience, which will later turn into the what we call “The perfect niche”

Ideas & Branding

We will introduce the different blogging platforms, to registering your domain name, building your site, and all the amazing tools available online.

Technical Side of Blogging

This lesson will provide you the answers of a few questions like ‘How to get traffic?’ “How to make money?’ and ‘How to grow the blog?’ and email marketing for me is the most effective way to grow your blog.

Significance of Email

Effective digital marketing campaign comes with good content. We will show you how you can create good content. It sets your website apart from the crowd. Thus, all successful bloggers and digital marketers, consider Content as the King in digital marketing.

Create good content

We will assist in developing certain soft skills that you can include in your digital marketing campaign to make it a hit. Rapport building is one of those skills that can help you to drive leads to your blogpost.

Rapport building

There are several benefits in utilizing social media channels. If you are a blogger, you must have a social media presence hence we will take you to different social media platforms where you can promote your blog.

Social Media

Now, let’s get your blog online as we assist you in launching and managing your blog.

Time & blogging management

‘I was willing to try anything to help me feel better, start something creative, not having my limits dictated by someone, I think I have made a GREAT decision in joining this way of expressing and communicating with my readers, it’s fulfilling to have  my word spread out…. 
And the best part? It’s FUN!’

What’s inside the Blogging Success Course?

‘A couple of year ago I was frustrated and learned as much I could, experimented a lot with building websites, writing, Social Media and now it’s time to help others, I really want o make the difference and avoid people to waste their time and being lost and frustrated as I was.My Most Precious advise as a friend: make the most out of your present, you never know how long it will last!’
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