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This book is part of the resources to show you how to live your life on your own terms, fulfilling your personal goals and missions through a journey of self-discovery that resonates with your personality.

I’m on this mission to show and teach people ways to give their life a new sense with resources at their disposal to live a new life they can create for themselves.

This mission has given birth to LuoVita & this book.

I took a radical approach, I started by absorbing all kinds of information for years and when I was sure of my abilities, I decided to make sense of my life and help those who felt the same.

You can never guess what the future has reserved for you, be exited about the future and grateful that you have given this opportunity to experience something very unique!

Remember, it is through improving yourself that you can get the most out of your life and never forget to appreciate every moment!

Every day you have is a new opportunity to write your future!




Learn to trust yourself more

You will learn the power of belief. Believing that you can do something  greater.


Realize your worth

You learn to love and give more importance to yourself. Accepting your flaws and focusing on what’s powerful in you.


Holding on to your beliefs

Strong belief is your foundation in growing. If you want to be successful, then hold on to that belief that you and will be successful.


Get things done

As you are guided you to know yourself better, this book will also help you take ACTION on your plans.


You will be committed

After you take ACTION, your motivation and commitment will increase.



Following all this steps will almost certain provide you with success.

Chapters inside

Be Self-Aware

Being fully aware of yourself by knowing what you want, your strengths, weaknesses and even the smallest details of your own self gives you the opportunity to learn how worthy you are.

Believe with conviction

If You believe in something and have faith that it will happen, you will push yourself in continuing until you have success.

Manage your time effectively

Managing your time is key to achieve your goals and makes you complete things in a shorter period of time and make yourself more productive.

Master communication

Excellent communications skills is one of the common characteristics of successful people and it plays a very important role in promoting yourself.

Work on project “YOU”

If you take excellent care of yourself you can master difficult situations because you know exactly what needs to be done.

Replenish your energy

A person who feels well and is full of energy can think clearly and will without a doubt perform better.

Change the way you think

Get out of your comfort zone! To progress you must be open-minded, flexible and open to learn from your experiences.

Boost your spiritual growth

You must have strong faith in order to achieve greater things. Spiritual growth helps you persist in pursuing your goals. 

Increase your happiness

Keep a happy mind because the happier you are, the more you trust your potential. Learn how you can increase happiness.

Choices and decision

Choice is your only best option. Take the right choice, decide upon to stick to it and it will certainly lead to your desired destination.


Experience feelings that something will happen, even if it doesn’t seem logical, but there is a strong feeling attached to it.

Manage & think positive

Managing stress is no rocket science and it does not require you to acquire a new skill set. Following a routine and making it a habit is all you need.

Positive thinking & positive energy

Attract positive vibes by having positive thoughts, even if Life is not perfect, it’s up to us how we will master every situation.

Life Mapping : A vision of success

Similar to a map, if you set your starting point and destination, you will be able to define the route that needs to be taken.

Why life coach is so important

They will tell you honestly what is wrong, what needs to be changed and what are those great things in you that make you the individual you are.

 Here’s mine and a dear reader’s opinion about this book

I’m on this mission to show and teach people ways to give their life a new sense with resources at their disposal to live a new life they can create for themselves.
This mission has given birth to LuoVita & this book.



For a long time I had really a misconception about some of the situations I encountered in life, I had never been able to sort them in a way that made really sense and helping me advance without the feeling that I was missing something or feeling guilty about stuff around me, a life changer!



Are you ready to change your life?

Don’t miss this opportunity and start living the life you deserve!

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